Composition of the APA

The APA brings together African states that face common challenges or share the same pan-Africanist aspirations.

Created on Togo’s initiative, following a high-level ministerial conference held in Lomé on May 3, 2023, it currently comprises the following countries:

    • Angola,
    • Burkina Faso,
    • Gabon,
    • Guinea Conakry,
    • Libya,
    • Mali,
    • Namibia,
    • Central African Republic,
    • Tanzania,
    • Togo.
First Ministerial Meeting of the APA, Lomé, 03 May 2023

While working in harmony and synergy with theAfrican Union and regional organizationsIn short, the APA is a new framework for intra-African cooperation designed to meet the common challenges facing its member states and the continent’s regions in terms of development, security and the fight against terrorism.